We've just deployed a Salt-managed, Wireguard-enabled, Zabbix-monitored, VPN-protected, OpenWRT-powered WiFi network for a conference.

It starts tomorrow. Let's see how that goes.

Yes, we will publish our configs at some point soon. Nice of you to ask. :)

Seems to have went very well today. No reports of slow download speeds or disconnects. Pretty happy about it.

We will definitely deploy it wider now. Woooo!

@rysiek As someone tinkering with a WG VPN solution right now. Yes please.

@mcg so, Wireguard is *not* used as the VPN, it's used as the encrypted, resilient channel of communication with Salt Master and Zabbix servers.

This means we don't have to care where in the world the device is, and how it's connected -- Wireguard takes care of roaming and keeping the management channel up.

The actual VPN protecting the traffic in this case is an OpenVPN connecting to one of the big VPN providers.

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