If anyone knows and is looking for a project to help out with, Go-based protocol implementation library and a native Signal client using it are in dire need of love:

Yes, I also prefer truly decentralized protocols, but Signal is where it's at currently with a lot of people, and it's way better than other popular options... So, we need independent clients.

@rysiek I was half sure they closed down for alternative clients too when they stopped federation. Didn't they block a fork that expunged the Google Play Service dependencies from the standard android client?

@pettter well they insist that unofficial clients do not use the word "Signal" in the name. Other than that, Whisperfish seems to work fine (modulo bugs and missing functionality) so far.

@pettter @rysiek I'm using the java-based CLI client and haven't had problems...

@strypey yeah, I am more interested in Briar (time to go full p2p decentralized).

I need Signal for work. It took 3 years to move 200+ journalists to Signal, I don't have 3 more years to now move them to Wire, unless Signal really fscks up big time.

@strypey ah no, didn't know about Jami. Thanks! Will check it out.


> that's no reason to encourage people to do unpaid work for them.

Moxie fights the idea of independent clients, so this is far from working *for them*. In fact, it seems to be the opposite.

> Why support Sailfish?

Because it's the only usable mobile OS that is so open and comes with actual support.

> Did you read OP of the first link I posted?

Yes, and I agree with most of it. But I need to communicate with people where my choices are Signal or Viber/Telegram/Whatsapp.

@strypey oh, and I love that this privacytoolsIO thing is hosted on GitHub.

We all make compromises.

@ilpianista @BurungHantu @strypey I know, I just could not stop myself from tooting (pun totally intended!) my own horn.

@rysiek I agree with @strypey here. I was on the #SailfishOS boat, I even built 6 apps, but my current #LineageOS phone is "FOSSer" than #Jolla's one. I'm actually looking at #PlasmaMobile on #postmarketOS as alternative

@strypey @rysiek and the Purism phone has poprietary wifi-drivers
@strypey @rysiek

> Hardly anyone uses it and #Jolla refuse to release all the source code for their UI under free licenses.

I wanted to be cautiously optimistic after last month's announcement, but they're not even answering comments on the post, so I can't.…

@rysiek @strypey
I also moved about 75 people to Signal. Some of them even use it to talk among themselves (not with me). There's no way I'm putting all that in danger by suggesting another move.

@rysiek @strypey What's the motivation for Whisper doing this? Is it just security through control?

Signal does show that people will adopt the right apps. I've been pleasantly surprised how many friends and family like it.

@sullybiker @strypey

tl;dr software freedom only makes sense as long as moxie remains in control

(yes, I am being bitter about this)

@rysiek @strypey Thanks for the link. The tone reminds me a lot of Lennart, actually, and I say that in as neutral a way as possible.

@ilpianista @strypey yeah, and looks like Wire cannot work without GCM? Whereas Signal website build APK does work without GCM, AFAIK (been using it on Sailfish before).

@rysiek @ilpianista @strypey

Wire does look for Google Play Services but has another solution for the case that it can`t find it. It also works without it.
Wire does not distribute it`s app on FDroid but on their website.
But doesn`t Wire still store unencrypted Metadata on their server or has it been solved already?

@rysiek @ilpianista @strypey
The fallback solution has been mentioned in the FDroid issue that is linked here above.

@strypey a) is the most important thing for me b) fine enough c) not #sailfish, but I'm thinking to #plasmamobile or #pureos meanwhile I give #wire a try on Android
@rysiek @Nesaijn

As long as it runs on Linux it should also run on the Librem 5. It would only need to be ported so that the GUI matches the Librem 5.
That's what I understood about the Librem 5.

@ilpianista @rysiek

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