If anyone knows and is looking for a project to help out with, Go-based protocol implementation library and a native Signal client using it are in dire need of love:

Yes, I also prefer truly decentralized protocols, but Signal is where it's at currently with a lot of people, and it's way better than other popular options... So, we need independent clients.


@ilpianista @strypey yeah, and looks like Wire cannot work without GCM? Whereas Signal website build APK does work without GCM, AFAIK (been using it on Sailfish before).

@rysiek @ilpianista @strypey

Wire does look for Google Play Services but has another solution for the case that it can`t find it. It also works without it.
Wire does not distribute it`s app on FDroid but on their website.
But doesn`t Wire still store unencrypted Metadata on their server or has it been solved already?


@rysiek @ilpianista @strypey
The fallback solution has been mentioned in the FDroid issue that is linked here above.

@strypey a) is the most important thing for me b) fine enough c) not #sailfish, but I'm thinking to #plasmamobile or #pureos meanwhile I give #wire a try on Android
@rysiek @Nesaijn

As long as it runs on Linux it should also run on the Librem 5. It would only need to be ported so that the GUI matches the Librem 5.
That's what I understood about the Librem 5.

@ilpianista @rysiek

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