@rysiek obviously. So far so good. Giggling and crying at the same time. "8 different refugee blockchain projects, 8 different consent blockchain projects, because that is the problem with consent: lack of blockchain."

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@rysiek technosolusionism: when a technical solution preceds the problem. When problems are searched for technical solutions, instead of the other way round.

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@rysiek "two actual working use-cases for blockchain: buying drugs, paying ransomware ransoms"

@rysiek "Hype cycle needs to be avoided when human lives are in danger. Refugee crisis is no place to prototype new tech"

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@rysiek "blockchain is not decentralized; in a decentralized system parts are independent, in blockchain they are interdependent; this is an important distinction"

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@rysiek Blockchain is physically decentralized, logically centralized.

@bob @rysiek Wrong. Some blockchains are not physically decentralized. Bitcoin != blockchain, but people always make that confusion, even those that should know better...

@x_cli @rysiek Rather like someone earlier, you're #bitcoinsplaining to someone who has implemented bitcoin's core algorithms.
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@rysiek I'd be inclined to agree the day my bank allows me to send money on sunday ;)

@tadzik @rysiek And the day my bank decides to not put artificial limits on the amount of money I can withdraw 🙄

@rysiek @ilja Jokes aside though, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not without flaws, but neither were electric cars 20 years ago. And in a world where the "improvements" and "innovations" in banking boil down to "install our android app to make transfers go faster" I think we really need to seek out some alternatives, even if they suck for a while.

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