Consider: a "derivative of a party" is the amount of alcoholic beverages that can be procured using the deposit on bottles and cans emptied on said party.

Posit: a "good party" can be defined as a party whose second order derivative is non-zero.

Corollary: my housewarming party was a good party.

Clarification: there are other possible definitions of what a "good party" is, and they are as valid. A good party does not necessarily need to have a non-zero derivative at all! ;)

@rysiek Więc jest to warunek dostateczny, a nie konieczny ;)

@rysiek One alternate definition:

It's not a real party until the cops come. 😀

@rysiek @mkb
you'd only invite them implicitly, eg. by shooting fireworks without a permit

@Wolf480pl @rysiek When I was in college, cops showed up at our party saying "The drinking is fine, the music is fine, but no more explosions, OK?"

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