Signal Foundation has ~100M USD assets. And yet Signal Desktop is still annoyingly crappy Electron app.

It literally locks up for a second or two when I write a message longer than 5 characters.

Guys, seriously. Can you please get your shit together.

@rysiek it's almost as if accumulating assets were their primary goal....

@rysiek I will agree that it is an annoying Electron app, but crappy, not so sure. I have been running it, without issue on my linux installs. It is not even heavy on Virtual Mem, at a mere 2Gigs. Whereas Wire-Desktop eats a whopping 24.7Gigs.

@AvnSgt people's experience will invariably vary. However, my personal experience is that every few updates there's an update that is just slow as molasses.

I mean, it's not like Signal Desktop is that fast the rest of the time...

@rysiek It would be so much better to have a full native experience. Electron doesn't give you that. To me the tool is horrible, but the fact that it provides cross platform support very easily to devs makes something everyone wants to adopt. And we pay the price for this.

@AvnSgt sure, but it made sense when Signal was a small few-person operation that needed to do the simplest thing that worked.

Now it's a 100M USD organization. I don't see why they stick with Electron.

@AvnSgt @rysiek I'd still consider 2GB to be heavy on VM. But the weight is not the worst issue, IMO; it's more important that it doesn't work well. On startup it can take 10 minutes or more to sync before letting you read or write anything, and often fails at syncing in various ways.

@gcupc @rysiek Yeah. I can agree there. I have witness issues, but I suppose the were tolerable for me. However, devs need to avoid the Electron mine field.

@gcupc To their credit, two recent releases have commits designed to drastically reduce startup time on desktop with a lot of messages in the queue
@AvnSgt @rysiek

@skobkin @rysiek I know that seems like alot, but it is smaller than Gnome-Shell's foot print in virtual memory. 😉

@AvnSgt @skobkin Signal Desktop is an IM. Gnome Shell is a full OS desktop shell.

I fully expect an IM app to have a smaller footprint than a full OS desktop shell.

Sorry, but I did not mention Ram, but rather virtual memory, which is different from ram.

@rysiek Given that it's coming from people who'd happily accept mountains of money for creating an "open" messenger, but at the same time they're not comfortable sharing those resources with the open community (, I can't say I'm surprised.

Normally the answer would be to use an alternative client, but I assume Mr High Horse Moxie would not be comfortable with that. It's expensive! Even with their

Fuck them and let them rot.

@rysiek Someone on the fediverse had published last year a very detailed analysis of "Open Whisper System" (and the lack of existence of that firm) along with extensive details about all the shady stuff surrounding the legal aspects of this foundation, and companies.

I won't accuse anybody of tax evasion, but that sure sounded like that...

It seems the account and the toots have disappeared.

@rysiek it doesn't start the second time for me :-(

Starts, configure it, works, shut it down, no longer starts.

Seriously one of the things that keeps me from using Signal more.

@rysiek It is far better than LINE. Their app doesn't support GNU/Linux.

@veer66 yeah, Signal and Signal Desktop is still way better than most IM options. I am just annoyed with Signal Desktop's Electronness.

@veer66 because that would require users to trust a browser with their private keys. I tend to agree that's a no-go.

@rysiek well electron is technically a browser I guess 🤔 @veer66

@namtari @rysiek They probably want a separated web browser and Electron is it.

Storing a private key on a web browser may increase risk. However, install their app on NetBSD or Plasma Mobile won't be fun. 😓

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