At in . Gonna find some and people and ask some hard questions I guess.

I will say, though, that it's kind of a "smallest open-source violin" moment here too. People had been saying control over DNS is too centralized for quite a while.

And not much happened.

@rysiek centralized wouldn't be that bad without the massive commercial conversion of ICANN that happened in the past few years.

@steko @rysiek and without the "small number of points of failure" in terms of the trustworthiness of the records

@rysiek Did you actually find someone that could provide some insight about .org?

@xeno yes. a bit. It's complicated. But the main questions are:
- was the decision to sell made *before* the removal of the .org price cap?
- are any of the people who were involved in this decision involved in the company that .org was sold to?
- technically ICANN has a way to block the sale indefinitely; will they do so?

Some relevant links:

@rysiek Thanks for the links, this was interesting. And this all makes me very angry and I'm having rage-induced dreams of forking it all.

I had the feeling with the (extension) of the whole gTLD nonsense back then that it would eventually turn into a money-shitshow.

Domain names should get cheaper as technology progresses, not the other way around…

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