I am trying to move off of my work infrastructure and onto a public instance, so that it's easier to cooperate.

I went with, but there seems to be a problem with CI/CD pipelines:

In case they consciously disable CI/CD on 0xacab, what other open GitLab instances should I consider?

@tomasino thanks! I think I do prefer GitLab for reasons related to CI/CD being familiar for me and well tested, but if Gitea has a decent CI/CD set-up, I would not be against that.

@rysiek Neutrinet, an association I recently started to be active in, switched over to (away from github) and I switched my "main" account there too.
They seem community driven and offer several services, including gitlab. I can't tell you much about the organisation itself because it's all in French, but if that's not a problem, you can read their charter at
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