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I see in your analysis missing the asymmetrical power relation facebook maintains, their mass surveillance and mass manipulation, their enabling of fascists. Facebook is modeling their ecosystem in mass surveillance and mass manipulation (some name it advertisement). Maintaining a walled garden, is to increase their power, but not their main focus.

@ChrisWere @rysiek
The walled garden is not their main goal, it’s a tool they use. When ever they fear of loosing power due to being a wallet garden, they would adopt to those this moving infrastructure, to continue abusing their power. #facebook

Know your enemies.


@syster @ChrisWere these are all good points, but here's an honest question: *perhaps* it would be possible to disempower nazis in general by making Facebook federate?

Cray cray, I know! Hear me out.

Right now users on birdsite and Facebook are between rock and a hard place: retaining access to their loved ones and friends on these platforms means leaving themselves exposed to nazis.

Federatiing would mean moving from Fb or :birdsite: would be less of an all-or-nothing step for most people.

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@syster @ChrisWere this *could* mean that
a). large platforms' power would be greatly diminished;
b). whether or not they deal with nazis on their systems could become less of an issue; and
c). *because* people can leave in droves, and *because* blocking on Fb or :birdsite: would no longer have the onus of censorship ("there are other servers, dude"), it would be more of a no-brainer to block nazis there for those platforms.

All of this is purely hypothetical, but I think worth considering.

@rysiek @ChrisWere
I get your point. But I fear that fb would come up with some strategies that makes people not to leave fb, but to join one many of their other platforms, that would all federate with each other. Promotion of building a pseudo decentralized infrastructure with fb/weibo/vk/… as leaders could be done through celebs they through money at, to be part of their network. They could also limit some functionality towards the fediverse, making people still depending on fb. 1/2

@rysiek @ChrisWere
Servers of the current fediverse might start to federate with them, and by that facebook will grow step by step influence. After all, they are not some sort of neutral platform, but having their own political agenda. #facebook

@rysiek @ChrisWere
But obviously that is just hypothetical and we don’t know what is going to happen. I just fear it’s to simple to say, it will bring benefit if fb starts to federate. My point is: We do not know, and it has the risk of just bringing damage. Remember that facebook did “support” already a decentralized protocol, but only maintained and harvested it for their own benefit afaik.
#facebook #fediverse

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