Hey people, a friend made a great observation: due to this is a pretty good time to promote teleconferencing / remote work solutions.


Anybody any suggestions for a free software solution that could handle 10-15 people simultaneously? I had mixed experiences with I also know there's @nextcloud Talk app which kinda works, but never got around to testing it more extensively.

@moonman it's a mixed bag. Sometimes it works, sometimes the sound quality is abysmal. The experience gets potentially worse as the groupof people on the call gets larger.

@rysiek @nextcloud Mumble is pretty great if audio-only is OK, but I'm also curious about videoconferencing solutions.

@pettter @rysiek @nextcloud I work from home, and I've been successfully using for my videoconference calls and screensharing for a little over a year now. As some folks have mentioned, chromium is the most reliable browser for that site. I use ungoogled-chromium, and it works fine.

@pettter @rysiek @nextcloud If you are concerned about congestion on the main site, consider hosting your own Jitsi Meet server for all of your team calls. I set one up at my company, and it's working quite well thus far.

@rysiek I'm very interested in the results of this as well. Jitsi has some severe limitations without working multi-cast, which I think is only in chrome. I'm using Zoom for work stuff, but obviously not FLOSS. If it's audio-only, there's many SIP options open to you, but I've never had good luck with video SIP, let alone in a big group.

@rysiek @nextcloud I'm interested in this too. So far Jitsi hasn't worked out for us.


Jami seems pretty good as well.

Do keep an eye on non-free software (zoom, face time, etc).

I posted about this a while back and had some good suggestions.

@rysiek is only one #Jitsi instance among many. Try another one or install your own when it's overloaded. There are several good tutorials around.

@rysiek ✅ jitsi works great imho if no one on the call uses Firefox. There is a bug in jitsi that causes things to degrade for everyone if there is a user on Firefox on the call on a poor connection. Hope they fix it soon.

@nextcloud @rysiek Get in touch if you need an open source virtual world with avatars and in world building tools. Includes chat, voice, groups, friend lists, profiles, ability to control access, and tools for the web. We have a region setup with interactive tools that can be used right away if scheduled or we can share copies of these tools for your own virtual world. People have been working and holding conferences/classes in open source virtual worlds for well over 10 years. No need for external tools.

@shelenn @nextcloud @rysiek are you talking about SecondLife? It's great when the people involved are used to these kind of applications. But when the company I was in at the time tried it most of the executives never touched a video game after Super Mario - or in some cases, Pong.

The user confusion was ... high.

@rysiek @nextcloud I'd recommend Mumble for audio meetings. If you also need video, Jitsi Meet suddenly becomes a viable option. (it's pretty bad for audio-only stuff)

@nextcloud @rysiek Actually no, SL is based on proprietary server code owned by Linden Lab with a focus on commercial profit although there are some non-profit use cases. I am talking about OpenSimulator which evolved after the SL client was open sourced because LL wanted to get free labor for bug fixes of course (sic). In turn, OpenSimulator is not only the opposite (mostly non-commercial but has some commerce) but also offers more capabilities: decentralized via protocol, NPCs, self hosted.

OS is however much better because (to your point) most developers have been users of the platform. I lead an active dev team focused on the perspective of users as developers. We are focused on accessibility by design (so all users can benefit), reducing onboarding (to make it easier for new users), and modernizing the code bases for server and client - including addressing security issues. Anyone who wants to try it out I am happy to offer a free account on our virtual worlds grid.
@nextcloud @rysiek

You said: ...due to #COVID this is a pretty good time to promote #FLOSS teleconferencing / remote work solutions.

I said: we have an open source solution to do that without needing to integrate a bunch of tools .. there are existing instances... one of which I have available (my comments detailed some of that)

Working remotely has some challenges: employees need to know how to work remotely successfully without costs and employers need confidence their remote employees are actually working. The solution I mentioned addresses both challenges.

@shelenn @nextcloud and the solution is?.. Sorry, I am not very good at solving riddles and guessing what random acronyms stand for.

@shelenn @nextcloud ah nevermind, found the original toot you send. Sorry, missed it completely.

I don't think "virtual world with avatars" is what I am after. What I am looking for is literally audio/video multi user call software.

@shelenn @nextcloud also, now that I read and re-read your toots, they really sounded like a sales pitch. That's probably what put me off.

A name of the software plus a link where I can read about it would be all that is needed...

@nextcloud @rysiek While I don't think looking at either open source project will help you understand how the software has been used by organizations and educators for online collaboration, work, etc, here is the info you requested. I am a bit offended at being classified as a sales person when I genuinely have a passion for the technology and its usefulness in many ways. We make zero dollars supporting a community of users neglected by most developers. is the framework server side... but there are many implementations of that framework... an understanding of how that server is accessed with a client viewer is far more informative... feel free to look at the tutorials with screenshots for our client viewer project at…

@rysiek @nextcloud Well, jitsimeet is possibly the most obvious choice, it claims to handle even hundreds of participants. (NO channel mixing, so may use more BW than others.)

@rysiek @nextcloud next cloud does work, but ‘learning centred, I’m not sure . What did you find out?

@rysiek @nextcloud I haven't tried it out, but should have video calling

@rysiek @nextcloud I have used meet.j with up to 9 people and it's great for users with high bandwidth and OK for users with low bandwidth. I've been running these tests weekly for several hours since last July and the results have been consistent. I have not yet attempted to set up my own server, but I'm told by friends who have done so that it's pretty easy. After I set up my own server, I'll likely become a code/docs contributor.

@rysiek @nextcloud As for NextCloud talk, I haven't tried that one yet, but I will likely give it a try in the foreseeable future. I'll post my thoughts on the two here on Mastodon.

@adam @nextcloud I tried Nextcloud Talk with ~12 users, it didn't go very well. but looking at how Nextcloud is improving seemingly by the hour, I wouldn't be surprised if things were already way better.

@rysiek @nextcloud the integrations with other services is pretty appealing with Talk. Jitsi has very fast development, including key features for me like *which* mic, camera and sound output device it should use, and phone dial in numbers, but very little in the way of integrations with file sharing, calendar integration, etc. I'm curious to see which one I will choose in the end! :-D

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