Learn how to make the bowline knot today, it's very simple, and extremely useful.


@neauoire hah, when I was learning to sail, I had to learn ~20 different knots, with the instructors adamant that they're all necessary and used all the time.

In practice, turns out I use the bowline knot almost for everything. And so does everyone else I had sailed with.

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@rysiek I can confirm, we've been sailing for 4 years with this knot as our main go-to.

@clacke @rysiek I usually don't add a locking knot at the end, but once in a while, I've seen others do it. At the last marina we went to, the dockmaster tied our boat like that and it took me a while to understand what I was looking at.

@neauoire @rysiek Another fun detail: In the navy we learned to put the free end (the end that locks in (c)) on the outside loop, and the skipper said "in the merchant navy they put the free end on the inside" (just like (b) above) and sure enough, my brother who sails put the free end on the inside. 😀

Learned it in the boy scouts a decade earlier, and I think we never discussed which side the end goes, it's just arbitrary.

@neauoire @rysiek Also v popular in mountain climbing by the way, particularly the "double" version. Yes, definitely a precious and versatile thing to learn. ⛵🧗

@fabionatali @neauoire absolutely. I had to learn to tie it with one hand on a semi-tense rope, too (since it's the best way to tie yourself to a rope thrown your way if you fall overboard)

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