Would our data and personal information be more safe if all distributions were to have a , & installed and enabled by default?

Please choose one and feel free to comment in order to help explain your position.


@theprivacyfoundation Seems to me this is the wrong question to ask.

First of all basically any Linux distro has a firewall. It's in the kernel by default, and iptables is a staple on any desktop or server distro.

Secondly, VPNs move the threat, not remove it: schub.wtf/blog/2019/04/08/very

Third, antivirus software is nothing more than a bad workaround for more important underlying issue. And, AVs can make a system *less secure* themselves: cvedetails.com/vulnerability-l

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@theprivacyfoundation instead of focusing on band-aids, we need to stop letting the tech industry cut ourselves constantly. This means bringing responsibility to those who put shitty, buggy, vulnerable software on the market.

Think Zoom: the incentives are such that it makes sense to *willfully* ignore security best practices and put a product on the market *fast*, even if it is understood to be woefully insecure.

Want to make our data and personal information more safe? Fix those incentives.

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