re: software dev gripe 

@garbados fair, but there is a fine balance here somewhere.

the flipside is a like myself having to learn the 27th new Node toolchain just to deploy a thing because the 3rd party developers on the project "decided they want to try this cool new framework out".

and of course they dump the code on my lap, no documentation, no deployment procedure, "it works on our dev machines".

and then I have to support it for the next 5 years, while they move on, like locusts.

re: software dev gripe 

@rysiek this is very fair but the dev in question is more a locust than a sysadmin.

the needle i have to thread at work is more sysadmin-ey. i write tools for analysing distributed databases, so i have to support every version there is. this is an absolute nightmare for testing because some of these versions are only documented for computing environments that are basically extinct. but you have to thread that needle if you want decent, adaptive software. locusts just won’t put in the time (because nobody can afford the time, because capitalism, etc)

re: software dev gripe 

@garbados well I guess we just have to agree to... agree? ;-)

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