Anyone else finds the word "deeplinking" and the court battles around it completely bonkers insane?

I mean, this is linking. It's the whole point of the Web. Why do we even need a separate term for that.

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@rysiek Yup. Had my own spot of bother with it early on. It's why I arrive stuff compulsively now.

@rysiek Because some are links and some are links that make you "oh oh". Those are deep links.

@rysiek I, uh, had no idea this term exists. It's complete nonsense, like you said.

Are there court battles about it?

@tadzik there were, yes. Some website publishers tried to make "deep linking" illegal, so they could more effectively be the gatekeepers of content on their sites.

It's just cray cray.

@rysiek website publishers trying to make "deep links" illegal, eh? Sounds like there is an easy, if not trivial, technical solution to this problem... but it's probably foolish to expect basic competence in this case ;)

@rysiek WTF!? There's legal arguments over this!?

I want more deeplinking!


my guess is "objecting to deeplinking" might make a small amount of sense if you're like twitter and strictly want to be a walled silo accessible through a designed interface rather than URLs

it's so weird (if unsurprising by now) to see things that seem like they're just shitty incidentally to be revealed as part of a carefully crafted plan to be that way...
....only at the exact moment corporations get so greedy they go try to get the actually-deliberate-plan enforced by law.

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