Guys it's almost 20°C in . This is weird, some sort of heating must be happening or something.

I wonder if it's global.

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@rysiek Heating is local, but there is something global about this. I'm pretty sure your AC has been leaking for the past two weeks and all the water is now in Poland. Please fix it soon, we can't hold on much longer.
@tadzik @rysiek I heard some country to the west is good at flood prevention. Please give them all your money.

@rysiek That's my current winter. Strange seeing what others call hot, hahaha.

But yes, it has been oddly warmer this winter. 🤔

@liamolua after having spent several summers in Sarajevo, I welcome the chill summers of Iceland. :blobcatcoffee:

I have not had the chance to go to Australia yet, but one day!

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