Okay, I will say it: I find how are being auto-corrected to lowercase in the interface really damn annoying.

I *know* what I'm doing when I spell a in camel case: it's way more readable that way. Why do I have to jump through hoops to have it tooted out like that?..

@rysiek hmm here it remembers the casing I used last time and usually proposes it again…

@mmu_man ah interesting, indeed! That happens. So it's only on the first hash use. That's way better, but it would still be nice for it to not change the case the first time around...

The reason is the caps hashtags are harder for screen readers, it's an accessibility feature.

@YRthegdnamestkn @mmu_man interesting! I would have thought a CamelCase hashtag is easier to read correctly (consider: vs. ). Do you have more context on this to share?

@rysiek @YRthegdnamestkn @mmu_man camel case / medial capitals hashtags are readable by screenreaders; all-lowercase are generally not.

Be kind: use camel case! (See pinned toot if need be.)

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