nft developers:

"What error message should we output to the user in case the table they reference in the command does not exist?

'Table not defined'? 'Unknown table'? 'Table missing'?

I know! 'No such file or directory'.

That's it, clear and unambiguous."

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If you ever wrote a program in C, you'd know that they didn't decide what error message to use. They just passed the errno returned by kernel directly to libc-provided strerror. So if kernel returned ENOENT, strerror didn't know any better than to turn it into "no such file or directory"

@wolf480pl I kinda knew that. Still, this is almost maliciously unhelpful.

@rysiek I would consider it negligently unhelpful, or even negligently misleading. But I don't see malice in there.

And I'd think that anyone who doesn't shy away from reading manpages would sooner or later figure out that "no such file or directory" has an idiomatic meaning not related to any kind of file, even less a directory.

@rysiek a quick guess: ENOENT seemed the right choice semantically because something was missing, but then the actual error message wasn't inspected and... :janusz:
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