My HOPE2020 talk is on. Pre-recording is being played right now. Live Q&A in ~40min.

I sound like a robot. Hello fellow robots.

Honestly can't tell if it's going better or worse than expected. Probably a bit of both.

I might have spent too much time on the run-up and explanation of stuff like why static sites are great. I should have jumped into more nitty gritty details sooner. Lesson learned.

Of course, I completely failed to give special thanks in the talk properly.

So, thanks to @smari for suggesting the use of service workers and pushing me to actually start writing this thing. He also contributed a lot of code over a few less-then-entirely-sober evenings.

Thanks to @tomasino for hacking on Samizdat together and a lot of amazingly useful input on "how to JavaScript" these days.

Thanks @dredmorbius for helping name the project.

And countless others for input and encouragement!

Speaking of video, Natalia Vish ( ) helped greatly with the annoyances of video editing and especially cleaning the sound. This talk would have been way way worse without her help!

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