Perhaps there is no perfect way to convey how absurdly obscene it is that a single person can "have" over a hundred billion dollars.

But "You Are Jeff Bezos" is damn close:

Also, perhaps there is no perfect way to satirize .

My little parody of the aforementioned game is definitely not even close:

Fun fact, my parody is pure HTML+CSS, not a line in JS.

It was pretty tricky to get it to work as intended, so of course I am sharing the code:

@rysiek I've seen a site which has you scroll through to view it on a number line, with a bit of commentary splattered in to keep it from being too dull.

I've seen that same technique used to draw a map of the solar system to-scale!

I don't know if I can dig these links up again, it's been quite a while since I've seen them...

@rysiek Interesting that COVID19 figures were added to this diagram since the last time I saw it!

"I know that when people like you say they lost everything, they still have more than a normal person will ever see in their lives!" -- The Flying Squirrel

@peter @rysiek @alcinnz
I saw that Bezos one before. It's insane how big the difference between us and them is.

@kingannoy @peter @alcinnz I said it before, but: the same people who have orders of magnitude more money than could ever be spent in a lifetime are complaining about how universal basic income will make people "lazy" and "not willing to work".

Even though they themselves have unlimited resources and continue working to earn money they don't need.

@rysiek and for a moment there I was hoping that (as in blog) is back >:

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