KGB in has abducted Maria Kolesnikova (she's an opposition leader) and planned to leave her over the Ukrainian border.

When she got in the car and saw her passport, she tore it to pieces and threw them out the window. Thus, they couldn't "export" her out.


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> No truth in it

you might want to tell the BBC and the Guardian about that. they're both running the story.

Well, they already know, that's not true. But it is "political truth".
Like babies torn out of incubators...
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Too many unanswered questions. Lack of details. Only one (!) person as a witness.
In this situation that's more than improbable.
It's just a story, no proof, no evidence.
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@wauz @rysiek @meduzaproject so, "there's uncertain amount of truth due to lack of evidence"?

In some situations NT news are just lies. This is such a situation.
We had too many of those. Remember Ukraine...
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@rysiek @meduzaproject

на кордоні:

"у вас є експортна ліцензія для цього державного діяча?
немає? забери її назад."

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