are there actually any well paid tech workers here (are you)

@CobaltVelvet they exist, but don’t run around talking about it, particularly on the fediverse

@TheGibson @CobaltVelvet for a long time, I worked toward being a CISO and getting those fat stacks of CISO cash. They never told me about the endless 120 hour weeks and heart problems

@jerry @CobaltVelvet

I have a friend who got to CISO 10 yrs ago... about 40 at the time.

Started pounding Red Bull to stay up all hours and keep working.

He survived the heart attack and stress.

@TheGibson my appointment is on Friday. It’s brutal. Get up at 3am, caffeinate, work till 10 or 11pm, repeat.

@jerry yeah, he went pretty extreme.

Part of it is also where you are operating. You are in a particularly in-demand role I would assume.

@thegibson @jerry I keep thinking that there is a way to bring sanity into infosec, but that would require dramatically changing the incentives in the IT industry.

And so we press on in the coffee-fueled hamster wheel, where as soon as we work-around browser insecurity, there's a new OS-level zero-day; and as soon as we deal with that, there's a new CPU-level issue... which turns out to be exploitable in the browser.

@rysiek @thegibson @jerry daygig just got the change request approved to patch the zerologin vuln. turns out all laptops taken home since covid havent been getting updates

alt text 

@rysiek @bamfic @thegibson @jerry

Still images from final scene in Finding Neverland in which Barrie is shown to say "With the lockdown, you will have some time to rest."

Peter responds with eyes full of tears "I work in cybersecurity"

Barrie wraps him in a comforting hug.

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