I came here to chew gum and exercise my democratic rights, and I'm all out of democratic rights.

@deshipu I remember taking part in a meeting about with then-prime minister of Poland, Donald Tusk.

After we reached a stalemate (the government really wanted to push ACTA through) a good friend of mine quipped, half-jokingly, to Tusk:

> Mr Prime Minister, history teaches us that almost the only time a government lets the people gain any freedoms is through a revolution. I would hope we can avoid that.

Context: there were tens of thousands of Poles on the streets protesting against ACTA

@rysiek That's actually a myth, revolutions don't bring freedoms by themselves.

@deshipu you are not wrong.

But my friend did not say "revolutions always bring freedoms". He said "almost the only time a government lets the people gain freedoms is through a revolution".

So, there's that. :blobcatcoffee:

@rysiek Technically during a revolution there is no government to allow or forbid anything.

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