@rysiek I use claws on my Linux desktop. It defaults to text first and is really good at handling bulk operations. ✨

@c0debabe I used to be a heavy KMail user before they fucked themselves in the foot (yes, that's what I said!) with Akonadi.

Now partially Mailpile, partially Thunderbird. Also looked at Kube. But might give KMail a chance again.

@FreePietje @c0debabe yeah, heard about that. I still feel there is something fundamentally wrong about running a full-blown database server to handle e-mail.

@rysiek @c0debabe Seeing "top posting" and "bottom posting" in this context was slightly jarring coming from the fediverse. 😜


I love the snark in the “Why is top posting frowned upon?” question with the answer first.

@zzz yeah. I remember a longer version too:

A: Top-posting.
Q: What is the worst thing in mainstream e-mail?
A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

@rysiek While top-posting is bad, I'd argue that the worst thing is not trimming, so you end up with a long trail of emails, signatures, email disclaimers, pictures linked from signatures riding along in attachments, like a comet trail of email fail.


@rysiek Would Markdown be a good compromise? Instead of sending emails in two mime/types, send just one and receivers renders it as they prefer?

@nilesh it would still probably not satisfy the marketing drones that demand their red fonts. And you can already send Markdown in text e-mails (I do this all the time).

I have no strong preference (and even default to top posting). But isn't the bottom posting battle lost?

I don't like being defeatist and am willing to reconsider, but that habit has been deeeeeply ingrained in a lot of people right?

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