Programmers are computing enthuasists

Computing enthusiasts typically have enthusiast-grade hardware

Programmers cannot empathize with the plight of someone on a $100 netbook

This explains bloat

@rysiek with Android's Web View, there's at least a shared library that consuming apps call upon, versus with Electron where each app has to host it's own mini-web-OS.

@rysiek what really gets my goat is that we haven't seen anyone driving towards a localhost server model, where you "run the app" and it launches a small http service & opens a web browser to itself.

electron but minus the bullshit.

@rysiek @sir I both completely agree with this to the point that I walked away from a job when the product pivoted to Electron and...

...I realize Electron has made Linux, in general, far more accessible as a daily OS.

@chris @rysiek if I wanted an OS which appealed to the lowest common denominator, I'd use Windows. It's okay for software to not be useful to everyone, and in fact, software which tries to be will ultimately suffer for it.

I feel this doesn't follow the general theme of these...

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