Icelandic MP's propose a resolution to allow women from other countries to have abortions in , if they don't have access to legal abortions at home:

This is in the context of recent anti-abortion ruling in and resulting protests.

The beauty of it is that cost of the abortions would then be charged against the European healthcare scheme account, meaning Polish government would have to pay for them.

Also note: while the language is about women, it is absolutely obvious to anyone in that in this context it means "people who get pregnant" and does not in any way limit the availability of this to people.

I appreciate this choice of language, since sadly in making trans rights here explicit would have potentially given a wedge for the right-wing government to drive between protester groups. Poland is not there yet with trans acceptance.

Gotta choose your battles...

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@rysiek well. Current law afaik is idiotic in Poland. Like trans women loosing gynecology coverage cause national health found refunds only gynecology for women.


A group I am in uses strictly inclusive language. Sadly, most indeed do not.

@rysiek That's a wonderful initiative and interesting political statement of Iceland. It's also worth noting that Poles are the biggest minority group in Iceland.

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