fishing industry is waking up to the realities of :

Realities, worth noting, that were pretty obvious years ago to anyone willing to look past the super-charged with nationalism "taking back control" bullcrap.

I just wish the doofuses in charge, along with Rupert Murdoch et al, paid the price, instead of people who are already struggling to make ends meet (even if they voted leave).

@rysiek Are there only two paragraphs on this page? I can't find where to continue reading

@gianf @Gargron @rysiek I'm seeing a full article with more paragraphs than that...

@marcus_harrison @gianf @Gargron huh, I remember there being a link to the full paper there. Or I am very confused and had linked the wrong thing.

@marcus_harrison @gianf @Gargron ah! There we go:

It quotes the 2-para link, and I had both open side by side; that's what got me confused. Sorry about that!

@rysiek responding to this so i can mute the conversation cause muting you didnt work

@rysiek okay @Gargron lemme reword my request can you work on a way to not see things people youre following boost?

@colabunny @rysiek Um, go to the dropdown on my profile and (if you're following me) click on "Hide boosts from Gargron"

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