Hey is there any decent client for managing multiple fedi accounts simultaneously?

/cc @harce

@amiloradovsky @rysiek yeah, the interface is a bit of a mess sadly, jumped to fedilab (but missing the interoperatibility)

@harce @rysiek Fedilab is also too cluttered for my taste, so Tusky. But then I hate An***id too much now to use a "mobile app" anyway…

@selea @rysiek @harce
Sengi is useful.
You can manage multiple accounts over cross-platform.

@4ioskd @selea @rysiek hey, forgot to come back; ended up with Sengi. Can be a bit confusing at times, but they won me over with this;

@harce @4ioskd @selea @rysiek im cackling at the idea of someone being genuinely mad at getting rick rolled in 2021

@Dayglochainsaw That's a crowd angry by default, they don't need much...

@rysiek @harce I've not used this feature on Sengi (@sengi_app) but it allows to add multiple accounts.

More info:

@alejandrobdn @rysiek hey, forgot to come back; ended up with Sengi. Can be a bit confusing at times, but they won me over with this;

@rysiek @harce Fedilab is much better than Tusky for quickly managing multiple accounts, but it also has many more bugs than Tusky

@rysiek @harce tusky allows for more than one Mastodon account. I used to use Fedilab, but stopped once I learned the client doesn't hardblock the more troublesome sites.

@Argus @rysiek @harce

using Toot! on iOS with multiple account. Except the default notification sound, it is awesome.

@rysiek @harce

I love @pinafore. I manage several accounts in it, both on desktop and as homescreen PWA on mobile.

I like how it allows each account to have its own color theme, helping to visually and mentally separate each mode and space.

It also does well at remembering offsets across many sub navigating so you can always find your way back :)

@krinkle @rysiek @pinafore Quick note on multi accounts, this doesn't work with same instance accounts (might be a problem for some usecases)

@rysiek @harce sengi is nice on desktop (though it sometimes eats a lot of CPU), Fedilab was great on mobile but I don't know if the development will be continued now...

@rysiek @harce I use a single account but the way Subway Tooter looks like it would handle these stuff.

You can pretty much have anything in specific tabs, pin them etc. And have almost every action ask for confirmation, and the dialogs have the account name in them.

@rysiek @harce Mobile app BTW, I use it on Android and it's been rock solid and mostly pleasant for me.

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