vim, but in Electron

I'm not even joking:


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surely there is a `top`/`htop` written in ?

well, there used to be, `stacer`, but it got re-written in C++/Qt.

@rysiek "Modern Modal Editing"

ah yes, because using 50x the RAM is "Modern"

@rysiek at least they corrected course with the followup

@rysiek Oh boy... probably made bye people that think Atom was a peak text editor.

The worst bits of Vim, combined with the worst bits of modern software! Aaaaah!

@xgqt @rysiek do people just do this shit as like an art project? who actually thinks this is a good idea?

they should call it egacs for "eight gigabytes and constantly swapping" and it'll actually be true

@lunch @rysiek

Lem has also a terminal version. I guess js one was made for fun


even if not I'd be very easy to make
1. start up glances
2. run a custom electron ui with CSS bling and point it to a url+port glances runs on
3. bundle that together
4. ???
5. no profit because its pretty stupid


6a. Add a "Donate" button on your site. Minimal profit.

6b. Rebundle the app with invasive telemetry, sell datastream to highest bidder. Moderate profits.

6c. Dual-license and/or sell support to corporations. High profits.

6d. Start a ${YourShittyHtopInElectronApp}Con. Fame and profits await.

So many ways one can sell a polished turd in this industry.


Dear God why that monstrosity
Vim, remember it well from my Amiga days
Now I use it and Nano on BSD

April 1st, 2020.
Now it makes sense the weird nonsense project :)

And also make sense why I didn't know about it since I cancel all internet that day.

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