Right-wing party wants a feminist mural removed, people say "no":

This is the standard right-wing playbook: claim that whatever they don't like is "political", and insist that "political" things should not be part of whatever space they are concerned about in the moment.

The answer is not to argue whether or not a particular thing is political, but to say "damn straight it's political" and not budge an inch on having it included in a given space.

This is the same play book as with Codes of Conduct and safe spaces, and so many other things that right-wingers label as "political".

Are they political? Yes, yes they are, and that's *good*.

Acquiescing to right-wing's idea of what "politically neutral" is means allowing them to move the Overton window hard to the right, and that is simply inhumane and unacceptable.

Wow, not even 10min after I tooted this, I get a libertarian to "both sides" this.

Perhaps the easiest block in my life. :blobmiou:

This reminds me of this fantastic playlist:

Well worth watching to understand how that playbook works, and how to counter it.

Case in point!

However, because it was clear that the "that's political, therefore bad" angle wouldn't work this time, the esteemed interlocutor went for a different, remarkably sophisticated strategy.

What's interesting is how sex-positive a strategy it is!


@rysiek I was just thinking last night about how the right-wing play book essentially boils down to the idea that those who belong to the right wing all can speak with one voice, that it is the only voice that is allowed to speak, that this voice does not need to speak for everybody in a society, and those who it does not speak for shall not be afforded a voice.

Everything from calling things they don’t like “political”, to complaining about cancel culture, to gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement, to local and national media control, to the use of violence to shut down dissenting voices, etc etc, all can be explained by this philosophy.

re: pol 

@rysiek Any policy or social movement that seeks to give more people (who aren’t “in” the right-wing group) more of a voice is anathema to their philosophy and is combatted as if it were an existential threat to their very existence (which it is, as the existence of the ideology is in fact predicated on its own univocal supremacy and is logically and structurally incompatible with poly-vocal plurality).

@rysiek This is a good, and accurate intro to "WTF exactly IS the 'alt-right?", and remember folks, there are hordes of desperate upper working and lower middleclass Americans watching their piece of the billionaires-stolen American Pie disappear, and hard-core fascists are coralling them into being blackshirts ... to blame anyone but those Fascist's financiers...

both sides play the same game
The trick it trying not to let either get away with it

I hope the council, some community group, or artist is able to take a high resolution scan or photos of it for preservation
If it stays long term or not, it will not be there forever Either weathering or another mural will get it

@rysiek at the same time alt right will claim that their political shit is not political at all.

They would say: "Denying right to abortion is not a political thing, its a moral and religious thing". "Reading Church documents written by Pope at schools is not political. It's just strengthening Western culture that is immanently Christian."

@jacek yup, precisely. And again, debating whether or not it is political is wasting one's time. It is. Deal with it.

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