PSA: Draw can edit PDFs.

Needed to reorder pages in a PDF with a scanned document. Spent 20min searching for a tool for that, and then I remembered LO Draw lets me do it.


@rysiek and if you don't have LibreOffice already, PDF Shuffle is what you're searching for. Easiest tool for rearranging PDF ever.

@FrankyFire Do you have a link to the sources? I could do with a replacement for CLI tools like pdftk or pdfjoin, but it still needs to be packaged for my distro.

@FrankyFire Also if you mean pdf-shuffle*r*, then there is an updated fork of it available under the name PDF arranger

@schmittlauch yes, sorry, totally forgot about that. PDF Shuffler stuck in my head way better.

Thank you for the hint :)

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