This is a super interesting tool for organizing groups of people over :

(yes, the website is horrendous)

Enables broadcast or hotline service via Signal. This is different from regular Signal groups in important ways:
- broadcast: only the admins can send messages, which are sent to all users
- hotline: messages are only sent between a user and the admins who respond; nobody else gets them.

You can set-up your own:

@rysiek As with many Signal-affiliated projects, I am hoping they won't be thrown under the bus by Signal not providing a stable or even properly documented interface, or even worse by OWS attempting to prevent their usage of the central server as moxie does not like 3rd party clients.

@schmittlauch I'm totally there with you.

That being said, plenty of people went for Telegram or WhatsApp because Signal did not offer this kind of functionality.

So... gotta choose one's battles I guess.

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