All ideas are brainfarts until proven otherwise.

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It occurs to me this would work really well with the 🤯 emoji. :thaenkin:

@rysiek No, according to your definition you have to prove that it isn't. 😁

@rysiek According to the brainfart uncertainty principle, you cannot know whether an idea is a brainfart while also executing on the idea. You can either know whether or not it' a brainfart, or you can execute on it and never be able to discern clearly whether it was a brainfart.

@rysiek So basically, the brain releases combustible vapors as it thinks. Kind of like a lead-acid battery. If there's a spark of inspiration, or one thinks for too long in a badly ventilated room, BOOM 🤯 .

@temporal so:

All ideas are brainfarts unless ignited with a spark of inspiration. Then they're just a bunch of hot air, I guess.

To be fair, hot air is uplifting, so there's that.


@rysiek As the heated air expands in volume, it definitely can inflate your ego. Until someone gives you a cold shower.

@Pelican3301 "All ideas are brainfarts until proven otherwise."

Always happy to help! 👍

that citation is missing an attribution :-)
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