Today, the raided the apartment of Roman Anin, a Russian investigative journalist whom I had the pleasure and privilege of working with:

This guy has balls of steel, and did some absolutely astonishing investigative reporting (worth checking out the linked thread).

I believe currently there is no contact with him, nor confirmation that he's been arrested. This is worrisome, to say the least.

I will share any updates if/when I get them.

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Roman Anin's apartment being raided by the today is most probably in connection with this story (from 2016):

The least we can do now is read and spread it. Clearly there is a reason why Russian authorities would like to stifle this kind of reporting.

Roman Anin has been released, but has to appear for questioning on Monday. His electronic devices have been confiscated.

This is a good reminder to encrypt your phone memory, and use full disk encryption on your laptop and external storage, especially if you're working in journalism.

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