"How a coin for carbon could save the planet"

Interesting idea! Such coin price could even be linked, in some way, with the CO2 European Emission Allowances price.




This is precisely what ETS (Emissions Trading System) already is - you can buy the permissions, and you can trade them. They already *are* a commodity, so a new coin is not necessary. The problem is what you can actually buy for the coin, because this is where it gets political - for example, Germany "avoids" massive amounts of CO2 emissions by burning wood which of course emits CO2 but in ETS it's declared as zero-emissions.

@kravietz @gael exactly this. Slapping a cryptocurrency on it is completely pointless; in fact, it's counter-productive (looking at carbon emissions from major cryptocurrency mining operations).

@rysiek @gael

The primary lesson of cryptocurrencies as of 2021 is that they are 90% speculative commodity, 10% tool for money laundering. The last thing we want is professional traders shorting on CO2 emissions price.

@kravietz @rysiek So maybe time to give it a chance to become something better ;)

@gael @kravietz no.

It's time to stop wasting time and effort on trying to cram cryptocurrencies into every problem space, and instead use that time and effort on solving those problems in the first place.

Cryptocurrencies are, by and large, a solution in search of a problem.


@gael @kravietz CIVIL did not "save journalism":

ClimateCoin did not stop climate change:

NFTs are not actually helping artists sell digital art:

Seriously, cryptocurrency techbros need to just stop. Best thing they can do to fight climate change is to switch to speculating on tulips, instead of BTC and ETH. At least tulips don't emit carbon dioxide.

Heaters are also not providing a valueable service.

Gripes with #NFTs and #climateCoins are fully understandable, but lumping, conflating, associating bitcoin into this argument is disingenuous. It exists for good reason and we encourage all to run a full node (not mine per se).

BitcoinMiners are multitasking #heaters. There's many places where people run heaters when they don't need to. Tell em to rug up for emissions savings.

Bitcoin solves overconsumption.

@gael @kravietz

@dsfgs @rysiek @gael

> encourage all to run a full node

I did, like 5 years ago. Can you remind me how much space does a the BTC blockchain take today and how long does it take to download it?

> many places where people run heaters

In case of BTC it's mostly powered by burning coal


Sadly most of the world is in transition still, yes. Estimates range from bitcoin being 30-75% renewable.

Even if 40% renewable, thats actually fair.


Thanks for your service! Yes, the bChain is a tad large, but its designed to be the savings layer, thus a liquid layer atomicSwapper will emerge from the rabble. After much thought, we've come to the conclusion that #Lightning is a non-solution, a person needs to go 10 years without touching their #BTC, not 6 months.

@rysiek @gael

@kravietz @rysiek @gael

#Lightning is also too #trustie.

We see #cornerShops, #supermarkets and hobbyists running nodes for the more liquid layer due to the larger bandwidth they will require. Bitcoin will be ubiquitous in all heaters.

@dsfgs @rysiek @gael

> Sadly most of the world is in transition still, yes

So you invest $5k in a lowest grade ASIC miner whose value depreciates fast with time due to increasing difficulty... and you only run it when there's sun or wind, so <40% of the time?

Sorry, this doesn't make any sense economically and I don't think anyone actually does that.

The idea that people are mining 24/7 on cheap coal electricity is much more plausible.

Understand your position but when govts do ill in terms of things like energy policy, they'll face increasing trade sanctions.

In the case of bitcoin its actually fairly good when you contextualise, but yes, it needs that liquidLayer determined, we hope it wont be based on #ProofOfBrainActivity as MS patented. If that were the case then currency would be re-centralised, with many more ppl becoming addicted and not living outside the constructed digital realm.
@rysiek @gael

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