Hey , I would love your examples of projects and communities that use @matrix as one of their communication channels.

I know 2021 was done on Matrix. Any other conferences that decided to use it this way?


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Hackers on Planet Earth did. #HOPE2020. It was pretty cool and was very useful for questions and folks liking questions liked it so the room mod knew which questions to ask.

@douginamug @rysiek @matrix Oh yes :)

Matrix is our main Community platform along with our Forum. Many members host their home server themselves, making sure that the community room is never down, even when some hosts might be dead.

They can easily be found at:

And for development talk:

#hedgedoc #community #chat #FOSS #matrix

@rysiek @suetanvil @matrix

I really need to get that "year in review" posted. It's been a huge improvement over IRC.

@rysiek I think guys at (Tricity HS) use Matrix to communicate.

@rysiek @matrix Last year (and planned for this year) Southeast Linux Fest did a great job with their remote conference, using Matrix.

@rysiek @matrix

Start assembling list: Oh, this'll be easy!

... four years later ...


@rysiek @matrix @PINE64 has a huge Matrix channel for PinePhone discussion.

@rysiek @matrix SeaGL had a web portal using BBB/jitsi and IRC for conferencing room and chat combination

The person leading that ( and the conference in general ) uses the Matrix bridge to IRC as did several other organizers

The goal is to use Matrix, but we didn't quite yet get there

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