For , let me dig up my ancient blogposts on decentralized social media from time before .

Oldest one would be this, where I mention Diaspora as "alpha": - just over 10 years ago!

And 9 years ago :birdsite: still had RSS feeds for each account:

Today on fedi you can get RSS feeds. Here's mine:

And here's the RSS feed of on m.s:

Pleroma, Mastodon, and other server projects did not exist back then. We're talking and , mostly.

And so almost 10 years ago I thought we need a Diaspora-based comment system:

This we can do today thanks to @carl :

About a year later I went a bit further - why not have "social blogosphere", which federates natively?


And as a final treat for , here's an ancient post about breaking down garden walls (~9y ago):

There are many things I love about this one. For starters, it's been translated into Spanish by and contributed to intellectually by @forteller .

In those 9 years Steps 0 and 1 got figured out: we have an agreed-upon protocol (ActivityPub), and we are close to having awesome mix of services (my pick: @yunohost ).

This is going well.

🎉 :pensive_party_blob:

@rysiek We've got an agreed upon protocol, and also noteworthy maybe... neither GNU, fsf, fsfe or any other major org really pushed something. Sure w3c accepted it as a standard, but if I understand correctly, that was really the people behind AP who made that happen. (also, delete+redraft is a bitch and we need edits -_-)

@rysiek @forteller @yunohost
this was so beautifully planned, it's heartwarming to know somebody is fighting for constructive solutions to such complex issues.

I think our love for the fediverse is so deep because we understand the reasons behind it.

And plume and writefreely!

And for the why-not-run-your-whole-website-on-it, I guess Hubzilla is even better than Friendica?

@rysiek makes me want to find out where did i create my diaspora account when I was like 10-11

@rysiek TIL accounts have RSS feeds. That is really cool.

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