@rysiek if they hadn’t apologize no one would have noticed or cared. now they have a non-apology to screech at.

@rysiek Taiwan does not even exist.
Sorry for even implying there is any "planet earth". Nothing exists.
I am so sorry, please censore the galaxy ASAP.


Do you know the history before making those statements ?

@rysiek I sometimes ask myself if the question is not if but when China will forcefully annect Taiwan.

@heluecht oh, that is absolutely the question.

And "when" is when China feels they will not be met with immediate military response.

That's why they are effectively buying out Taiwan's allies:


In English the word 'country' isn't synonymous with 'independent nation state', so I'm not sure what the issue is here. The UK is made up of four countries and none of them is independent.

Couldn't everyone just interpret 'country' according to their own expectations? Too much offense is taken through over reinterpretation - 1/2

when no offence was intended.

Unrelated question: has the Chinese communist party ever controlled Taiwan in its history? @rysiek @lienrag @heluecht - 2/2

@rochelimit @lienrag @heluecht also, the optics of gigantic China tying to censor people globally from discussing tiny (in comparison) Taiwan are just bad, and I refuse to be manipulated into feeling bad here.

Chinese obsession with Taiwan erasure has real-life consequences:

Exactly such vulnerabilities are then used by three-letter-agencies and oppressive regimes to target activists and journalists.

So no, I don't think I'll stop making those statements anytime soon.

@lienrag @heluecht
The Chinese Communist Party gained power violently and has never gained an electoral mandate to keep power even on the mainland. Tawanese elections provide the legitimacy that China has never experienced.

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