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Meanwhile in Italy:

> The Vatican has made an unprecedented intervention urging the Italian government to change a proposed law that would criminalise homophobia over concerns it will infringe upon the Catholic church’s “freedom of thought”.

Just to state the obvious: if criminalizing homophobia "infringes" upon your "freedom of thought", you're a homophobe.

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@rysiek also like:

> The intervention has further stoked a fiery debate surrounding the law, designed to make violence and hate speech against LGBT people and disabled people, as well as misogyny, a crime, while further impeding efforts by supporters to get the bill passed.

there's so much more to unpack what has tradition in the roman catholic church

catcholic church, lgbtq+, homophobia (-) 


> Just to state the obvious: if criminalizing homophobia "infringes" upon your "freedom of thought", you're a homophobe.

In this case homophobia is so loosely defined it says nothing. Really annoying how all these news sites don't actually let you read the law for yourself. It also doesn't help that violence has become a diluted term in this kind of context.

If it's just for homophobia, not about crime motivated by it, then I absolutely disagree. I think that treatment and compassion is important to get these kinds of people out of these mindsets. Humanisation is incredibly important. This is speaking from first hand experience of having people reconsider their beliefs because I listened, and I gave my side of things (I'm gay). Dialogue is important and you can't have that when it's illegal to make yourself open. Some people even propose prison time. Do they not realise the racial tensions in prison? Do they not know about gangs? What you just did made the problem worse.

Of course the catholic church is a terrible organisation, and I imagine they have alterior motives.

catcholic church, lgbtq+, homophobia (-) 

@welt @rysiek we should form a gays against thoughtcrime group
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