Hey , if I were to use a flower in a logo for a thing related to technological resilience of websites, what flower should I use and why?

Looking for something easy to draw, easy to recognize, and with as much meaning and relevance as possible.

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@rysiek Dandelions perhaps? Pretty, fun, edible, and mostly seen as a weed (i.e. very resilient).

@rysiek A dandelion? These things keep regrowing unless you really carefully uproot them, afair. Also, let it grow long enough and it gets *everywhere* :)
@rysiek some cactus which blooms nicely - a symbol of resistance to difficult conditions. commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.…

@rysiek Marigolds. They tend to regrow a flower after the rabbits snack on them.

@rysiek how about dandelions? at least they're resilient as fuck

@rysiek peace lily is very resilient and there's peace in the name :D

@rysiek a dandelion works really well for the uncensoreddns project. I used it for the same reasons you mentioned, though it is related to the resilience of the DNS specifically, so I was able to integrate the roots as well blog.uncensoreddns.org/blog/31

@tykling oh damn! a flower with strong roots was exactly the idea I was playing with!

Back to the drawing board, eh!

@rysiek I mean, sure, but I think the world is big enough for two logos featuring a flower with strong roots!

Don't discard the idea for my sake at least :)

@tykling sure thing. But two similar logos in similar project space is a bit much.

Still, it's very good to know this is used already!

@rysiek A dandelion, probably not the flowered version, but the fuzzy one with all the seeds that are carried by the wind.

It's a resilient "weed" that distributes itself far and wide, offers good recognizability.

@phryk yup. I am strongly leaning dandelion, a lot of people suggested it and it's a perfect suggestion.

@rysiek reasoning: it's a nitrogen fixer - not only does it grow like a weed everywhere, but wherever it grows the soil improves and it helps everything grow around it.

@rysiek dandelions are my favorite and definitely fit this bill. Any wild flower would work, but I think that dandelions are the most common and probably the most recognizable from a logo perspective.

@rysiek, I've started to appreciate flowers of Viola genus plants ("toporași" in my native language), you know spring is finally here when you see swaths of purple, blue and white flowers covering the garden. And the leaves last a long time, so it's a perfect plant to have as backrop for your hydrangeas, and it also olays nice with clovers 😁.


@rysiek, oh, and about the reselience part: the common violet, once introduced to a shaded garden, it will last for ever. But it does need a somewhat shaded garden, it won't last in full sunlight. Just like software, it won't last unless it has a faborable environment or it is actively maintained.

@rysiek For a second I thought of a white rose, recalling the White Rose Opposition Movement of WW2 Germany. But on 2nd I thought it might be a bit too on-the-nose.

@rysiek consider imagery that shows a dandelion growing through cracked cement. It's a nice visual metaphor for technology that was not robust being slowly replaced by something more flexible.

You might also want to consider a mushroom, or violets or marigolds, as folks have said. I also like lilacs. They're not trivial to draw, but they survive very cold winters and are always a welcome sign that summer is on its way. Sunflowers also self-re-seed, and might be good choices, too.

@rysiek Sheep Eating Plant. It lures the unwary, then catches them in a snare with no way to get out.

@rysiek Flowers ain't exactly my things but I guess you can go with Chrysanthemums. Why? I'll let Wikipedia sheds some light on it,

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