Scaleway completely lost the hard drive for the load balancing VPS, so all this bloody hour I've been reinstalling and reconfiguring it. Fuck my life


@Gargron how does one "lose a harddrive" like this.

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@rysiek @Gargron Not too much taime ago, @chris's dedi at (same company as Scaleway) had a hardware failure too.

@Technowix is on too, right? I hope it won't have such problems.

@rysiek @Gargron
btw. if you had some configuration management (Ansible/Puppet/Chef/a shell script that sets everything up) it would be quicker to re-provision a load balancer on a fresh server.

The thing is, if you have just one server, it's easier & more fun to configure stuff manually than to write a playbook/cookbook/script that configures it automatically.

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