Remember when had / feeds for all users? Wasn't that great? Well, and any other server has that too. And it's here to stay, since the protocol is based on this.

Here's mine, for example:

Now you can use your favorite RSS reader to read my toots. I know, right?

@rysiek the early-stage feature that proprietary tools have then take away that always breaks my heart is the XMPP gateway. I used to use Pidgin for all my chat, but now 99% of my friends are on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp :\ (WA never had XMPP, but FB did for a good while)

@rysiek it is great indeed.
BTW you can still follow people on twitter in a feed reader using :

@ao2 INteresting! Then perhaps there is a way to do automagic re-publishing from Twitter to the Fediverse: (boy that's old!)

@rysiek neat, Opera automatically opens it in it's "Personal News" app. I didn't even know it existed until now.

Reading these feeds in an email client would allow people to combine the two most-used communications tools (social media generally, not yet Mastodon specifically) into a single interface!

@rysiek Are there RSS feeds for individual tags too?

@ijyx dunno, have you tried adding .rss or .atom to a tag link?

@rysiek ahh thanks! i kept trying it with my own instance URL, but with it works. Thank you!

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