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Oh come on, i a tech-savvy group of people talking about cybersecurity, can we *PLEASE* stop using the words "hack", "hacked", and "hacker" to mean "compromise", "broken-into", "cybercriminal"?

It conflates government-paid professional malicious actors with a kid in a basement somewhere building a digital clock. Doesn't seem fair to the kid.

Pretty please?

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@rysiek ack You're right. (btw Stop saying Cyber... 👾😎)

@telefreizeit "Cyber" means "Control". Sometimes it kinda makes sense ("Cyberattack"/"Control attack"), sometimes it does not make any sense at all ("Cybersex"/"Control sex"?..).

But yeah, way too much Cyber around.

@iain and yet so much better than "hacker" in the context. I'm happy to push something different though.

@iain thanks, so far it's kinda working. But thanks for the constructive criticism.

@rysiek @iain Isn't the term cracker the term to use, as RMS suggests?

@mkwadee @iain isn't "cracker" more specific than "cybercriminal"? We need a generic/general term.

@rysiek @iain OK but isn't cybercriminal too general? It could mean breaking security, infringing copyright, identity fraudster, etc?

@mkwadee @iain yes, and that's fine, since we're talking about a very general thing.

@rysiek @mkwadee Cracker is OK, but that means a redneck too.

Cybercriminal is a five syllable pompous monstrosity.

Hacker is too much in the public consciousness. You'll never persuade people to switch.

My own quixotic battle is trying to persuade people to stop saying "retarded".

@rysiek @FerdiZ hackers in various hats seem reasonable

A kid who builds clocks in their basement is a maker, a hardware hacker if the clocks are modified, a script kiddie if the clocks ddos people, a hacker if they change the firmware, white hat if they tell the clock maker, black hat if they exploit their firmware changes for personal gain?

@amsomniac @FerdiZ sure, but there's no way to bring this nuance to the media. If there's a "hacker", they simply won't add "black hat".

It is possible, however, to just switch "the bad guy hacker" to "cybercriminal". Seen that happen several times.

@rysiek Send that as an email to every publication that dares to mean 'hacker' in a pejorative sense.

@zyabin101 been doing that for some time in Poland. Several have started to use "cybercriminal" instead. But thanks for the idea.