If anyone knows a service similar to Hetzner's StorageBox, but based in the , please let me know.

basically, I need a few TiB of space accessible via SFTP/WebDAV/NFS/CIFS/whatever that does not cost too much and preferably has no costs per GiB downloaded down the line.


@rysiek Every year or so I get curious and look at the hosting industry, and there's very little in the cheap-terabytes category. Hetzner and are the two I've seen, and neither is in the US. Oh, there's this: (click on North America). Of course, then you'd have to install some software. Maybe nextcloud.

@rysiek Can you access StorageBox with SSH/rsync or is it just SFTP?

@rysiek, I would probably rent a physical server from a reliable hosting company in the US (since you need it based there), and set up whatever file serving services you need on it. A few terabytes of storage is a lot, and renting a single dedicated machine is probably the cheapest way to get that.

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