time! I'm a hacktivist, free software advocate, strong supporter of free and open internet. Used to be a policy hacker. Co-founded the Warsaw Hackerspace.

Currently trying to make sure journalists at @OCCRP have the tools and training to safely expose corruption and organized crime.

Also, I bake bread, sail, and dance Lindy Hop. So, there's that.

@rysiek @OCCRP you seem like you know what you're doing here... following

@rysiek Oh wait, you have been around for some time :D How come I have never seen your toots?!

@megfault no idea. I am guessing my toots were not federating to ut that has changed lately thanks to . So. :)

@rysiek @OCCRP Welcome to the Fediverse! What an incredible job! What does organized crime look like in Poland? What's their biggest money maker? I've always been kinda fascinated with the mob - in the same way I'm fascinated by Gengis Khan and his Mongol horde. They're like dark mirror image of society's worst self.

@feoh @OCCRP thanks. First of all, OCCRP is a global organization (I just happen to come from Poland). And yes, organized crime is fascinating.

Not sure about organized crime in Poland lately. In the 90's it used to be gas tax evasion and extortion, I believe.

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