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@lain It's even easier. Just check if they're on Pleroma or GNU Social.
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@guizzy @lain I'm really pretty tired of this "Pleroma/GNU Social/SomethingElse is Nazi software/space" bullshit.

I had a StatusNet account until Evan killed identi.ca years ago; a shit-ton of great people I talk with here every day have accounts on Pleroma or GNU Social. Some are their developers.

benefited handsomely from there being a large community of dedicated people in Fediverse before Mastodon was a thing. Let's acknowledge that and stop being so condescending.

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@lain @guizzy how come we can all agree it is not okay to judge people by the color of their skin, or their particular set of private parts, or their religion, or the place they happened to come to this world, but we still judge people by software they happen to use to communicate?

How the fsck is that okay? How the fsck is this not hypocritical?

I get what you mean and mostly agree with it, but I still have to note that your comparison is not really pertinent: you can choose and (relatively) easily change the software you use, not the colour of your skin or where you were born. Maybe your religion, but that's still vastly more difficult than switching software. I think it would be more akin to judging someone on the clothes they wear?

@lain @guizzy

@lertsenem @lain @guizzy sure, whatever. My point being: that's a bad thing to judge people on.

@rysiek @lertsenem @lain @guizzy i see nothing wrong with judging a choice independently of a person. sometimes, if the choice is significant enough, you do need to attach it to the person. but this does seem like a minor thing.

@rysiek @guizzy @lain
Maybe if you get called something you don't like being called, you should reevaluate what you say and do, and who you hang out with.

@frickhaditcoming @rysiek Yeah, it's very much a "lie down with dogs, get up with fleas" situation, as far as I'm concerned. It's not really a choice about software, it's a choice about communities.

@gcupc @frickhaditcoming and yet I was a part of the GNU Social (and StatusNet before it was called GNU Social) community.

I have no problem with calling a nazi nazi, but how is insist on generalizing and stereotyping based on random things like "software used" okay?

That's a really shitty thing to do.

@rysiek @gcupc
Im am literally named GNU/Syndicalism and noone has called me a Nazi. Im pretty sure it isn't a problem with being part of or using free software. Also another fun fact, im an FSF memeber, have a gnu sticker on my laptop, and have been using gnu/Linux for almost 18 years and a rather vocal advocate for free software. So it sounds like a personal problem

@rysiek @frickhaditcoming I was on Status.Net when the only instance was identi.ca. And I am down with people who were already on GNU Social staying on their GNU Social instances. But newer GS instances, and Pleroma sites, are mostly a freeze-peach reaction to Mastodon. And there is a definite process by which such sites attract Nazis, which then drives away normal users (see: Voat, Gab). So it's not an irrational generalization.