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rysiek ✅ @rysiek

Dear , I need a good technothriller to watch. "Hunt for the Red October" and "Crimson Tide" obviously already watched.

Any suggestions?

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@phryk I don't consider Jurassic Park a technothriller, but good one nonetheless. ;)

@drwho mmmm om nom nom.


Yeah, it's a good one indeed!

@rysiek Colossus, The Forbin Project
Welt Am Draht
Robocop (with 20y distance is even better)

What should that mean "German film"? Does it mean generally they are not that good?

@crowd42 😘😂 no worries.
I like this morrocan movie:
Even I don't. Understand any word

If you're also taking recommendations for technothriller *books*, I recommend Bruce Sterling's The Zenith Angle

@bob Fail safe has been on my list for a long time. Perhaps the time has come!

@rysiek All of Black Mirror, but you've already watched that, right?

@h somehow Black Mirror doesn't really work for me.

@rysiek the other Jack Ryan movies? "Patriot games" and "Clear and present danger"

@rysiek I dunno what all constitutes as "tech" and "thriller" for you, but I enjoyed Automata, Stasis, Uncanny, and of course Black Mirror. All on Netflix.


@rysiek I can second the recommendation for Automata. It's very good.