Dear , I need a good technothriller to watch. "Hunt for the Red October" and "Crimson Tide" obviously already watched.

Any suggestions?

@phryk I don't consider Jurassic Park a technothriller, but good one nonetheless. ;)

@rysiek Well, the novel qualifies, but lots of interesting stuff was left out in the movie.

For instance there's this one exchange between Nedry (the evil programmer) and an acquaintance who goes "That company needs multiple Cray XMP!? WTF are they doing?"

Also I think BioSyn (the InGen competitor bribing Nedry) isn't even mentioned in the movies and they were completely thrown out in JP2.

If you're ever in need of techno thriller novels, I definitely recommend the two Jurassic Park books. :)

@drwho mmmm om nom nom.


Yeah, it's a good one indeed!

@rysiek Seriously tho, I recommend Technotise, even tho I'm not sure that fits the bill.

Sneakers and Paycheck might be more fitting recommendations, but I can't really remember those movies even though I watched them and many people recommended them to me. ^^

@rysiek Colossus, The Forbin Project
Welt Am Draht
Robocop (with 20y distance is even better)

What should that mean "German film"? Does it mean generally they are not that good?

@crowd42 😘😂 no worries.
I like this morrocan movie:
Even I don't. Understand any word

If you're also taking recommendations for technothriller *books*, I recommend Bruce Sterling's The Zenith Angle

@bob Fail safe has been on my list for a long time. Perhaps the time has come!

@rysiek All of Black Mirror, but you've already watched that, right?

@h somehow Black Mirror doesn't really work for me.

@rysiek the other Jack Ryan movies? "Patriot games" and "Clear and present danger"

@rysiek I dunno what all constitutes as "tech" and "thriller" for you, but I enjoyed Automata, Stasis, Uncanny, and of course Black Mirror. All on Netflix.


@rysiek I can second the recommendation for Automata. It's very good.

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