@a_breakin_glass @Antanicus @rysiek That's a good emoji for "Man with bad toupee and long mustache"

@Antanicus or like this)

They exist, and it amazes me to no end.

@rysiek Ü is quite a BIG mouth, small eyes, while :) is not so big, just wide. With :) proportions are better. Not to mention that Ü may look *very* different depending on the font, not quite like a smile, while :) remains recognisable.

Case in point: any Serif font will add cheeks to Ü, handwriting makes it non-smiley-like, some fonts will make the left and/or right sides bolder, and so on.

@rysiek Two examples: trunk.mad-scientist.club/media trunk.mad-scientist.club/media

Not to mention that there are other variants, like >;), ;), O:), :(, and so on. It doesn't make sense to use Ü for one, and a rotated one for the others. Consistency matters!

@algernon @rysiek the ü in the second one looks like a guy with really great hair omg

@joop @rysiek Considering the "hair" is a continuation of the mouth... that's an impressive moustache. Or... well... half of it?

@rysiek @rixx because your brain immediately vocalizes them. And the vocal meaning doesn't fit the smiley's meaning.

@rysiek Look at all the Germans finding serious answers to the light and nice joke. ü

@rysiek I'm sure they're doing it ironically. (I'll just keep telling that to myself, right...)

@rixx @rysiek wait, what? this was a joke? I'm not German and I took it seriously.

@Wolf480pl @rysiek We can declare you an honorary German, if you'd like? ;)

@rysiek /r/de is using ü and ö quite frequently


pure laziness. One move less. Germans are efficient. (Exept me) ;-)

@rysiek german here.
In fact I never thought about using them, probably for the same reason you should not write FOSS code with primary-german (basically primary non-english) commentary if possible. (I'd be willing to learn esperanto, butusing english as a bridge-language seems easier).
When someone uses the wrong font it also looks shitty and they can't know which smiley was used which leadsto potential confusing situations. And a personal reason is that I think :) looks "cleaner" :D

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