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rysiek ✅ @rysiek

Dear , anyody has a Linux box in Belarus? We are informed that a certain website is being blocked there and we want to investigate how.

Please boost, we need your help.

Much appreciated.

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@wxcafe yup, turns out that was the right place to search. Should have tried that first. :)

DNS block is in effect, apparently.

@rysiek have you tried testing with RIPE Atlas probes ?

I can see there are some probes there.
If you give me the address website, I can run some basic tests. mstdn.fr/media/h3brr2CKmCZC9oz

@taziden OONI already helped out, we know it's a DNS block. We are figuring the next steps.

@taziden less-than-three indeed! ;) ~~~=:)

@bortzmeyer yeah, I should've thought about that myself. ;)

@rysiek, hi, I've got Linux friends in Belarus (I don't live there anymore), how can they help?

@andrew_shadura I think we're good at the moment, found ways to poke the Belarussian Internet filter from the inside for the time being. But thank you!