"[I]t emerged that they [Facebook researchers] had been conducting secret research on more than 6.4 million Australian youth as young as 14 years old to determine when they were at their most vulnerable, experiencing feelings of being “worthless” or a “failure” in order to better target them for advertisers"

"In short, the users clicked a button authorizing their data to be used for research, so they knew what they were getting into and that single personality quiz they took between 2007 and 2012 and long forgot about entitles researchers a decade later to continue to use their information for a publication in 2017."

@rysiek I think both are the problem. But definitely these huge social media companies tend to ask no questions as long as they are getting paid. They were totally happy with the Russian bots, for instance, until the FBI and CIA started blowing whistles. And their response since then has been half hearted at best.

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