i've seen the drive to push everyone into higher education "no matter what you want, because learning is great" destroy so many people that i just can't take that argument anymore. yeah, learning is fun, but it's good to learn something that actually pays the bills! Your parents can't pay for you forever, and it sucks to be dependent.

@lain I'm sorry, but that's a completely different thing.

I don't think anyone is saying everyone should be *pushed* to higher education. Don't want? That's fine.

Instead, what at least I am saying, is: if they want to, they should have to take a crippling debt on to do so, even if we're talking philosophy, japanese studies or art.

It's like with science funding: you *never* know which path leads to a great discovery. So don't limit the paths people can take.

@lain that was "SHOULDN'T have to take on crippling debt", damn it. ;)

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@lain I'm sure you did, but I wanted to make it clear nonetheless. ;)

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